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Posted in 2020

How to modify Sphinx theme?

Tech writers should write. Delivering documentation in a visually appealing manner is almost the same important as the content itself, however. Sphinx themes are “skins” that define look & feel of documentation when outputted to HTML format. In this post, you will learn how to customize existing or create a new theme from scratch.

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Sphinx Themes

Sphinx theme is skin that changes the appearance of HTML version of the documentation. It contains HTML templates, CSS stylesheets, and static files like images, favicon, fonts, etc.

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How to add a sitemap to the Sphinx project?

Sitemap is essential part of making your website more visible for search engines. It is usually represented by the sitemap.xml file and lists URLs of all website pages, translations of pages in alternative languages, etc. sphinx-sitemap extension can easily generate sitemap for your Sphinx documentation project.

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Pictures in documentation best practices

Generally, pictures in documentation serve two purposes – they are a complement to the text or replace the textual description. Some people learn better with words, others with pictures (or videos).

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Editor skills of every tech writer

Know and love your editor. Programmers and tech writers literally spend their lives in powerful text editor and IDEs but sometimes aren’t aware of all their editing features. In the following post, I share some essential skills you, as a tech writer, should definitively adopt.

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