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Everything you need to start your journey to great docs or books.
  • Unlimited documents
  • All core features
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Best value for money, with more space and custom themes.
  • Everything in Start plan
  • Custom themes
  • More space
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The good gets better and bigger. For those who demand it.
  • Everything in Plus plan
  • Unlimited books
  • A plenty of space
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Plans Comparison

Feature Start Plus Pro
Auto save
Never loose your work. Automatically save a text as you type.
Markdown and reStructuredText
Author content in markup syntax you like. Markdown and reStructuredText are equally supported.
Single click publish
Publish a book on the internet with a single click. Host book as HTML website for free.
Real preview
As you write, the preview aside the editor, automatically refreshes. Works for both both Markdown and reStructuredText.
Multiple themes
The look of the book is defined by a theme. Choose from continously growing collection of standard themes.
Custom themes
If you can't choose from standard themes, you can contact us for custom theme development. Our skilled web designers will develop and enable a custom theme exclusively for you.
Unlimited documents
Tells how many documents you can create in total per account.
Book count limit
Tells how many books you can create in total per account.
2 10 unlimited
Total size limit
The max occupied space by sources (documents, images, ...) and published (HTML, ...) in total per account.
10 MB 100 MB 1000 MB
Support channel
Depending on the plan, you can email us or chat with support.
email email chat
Support max response time
You will not receive response later than this time (business days Central European GMT+1 time).
24 h 12 h 8 h

Pricing Questions & Answers

Do you have any other question? Don't hesitate to contact us .

  • No, unfortunately not. Documatt is self-funded company run solely by the fees that our subcribers pay us. However, we offer a free 14-day trial to get you started!
  • Our 14-day trial is completely free and without requiring a credit card.It's activated when you sign-up for the first time and unlocks Pro plan. After the trial period, you will be prompted to choose a plan, invoicing information and payment method. After invoice become paid, you can continue to use the app.
  • Credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Apple Pay and Google Pay are not possible when paying recurring (auto-renewing) plan.
  • All listed prices exclude VAT. But the how much will you actually pay depends on a few more factors.
    • All users outside EU will be billed with no VAT.
    • End users (B2C) from EU countries, except the Czechia (our headquarters), are subject to VAT in rate valid in their country.
    • Business users (B2C) from EU, except Czechia, will got prices without VAT according to reverse charge regulation.
    • End users and companies from Czechia will have price without VAT since we are not registered to VAT in Czechia.
  • Yes, at any time. To upgrade, you can do it yourself in the app. To downgrade or cancel, please contact us.

    When you upgrade, your payment will be prorated, so you will only pay for the difference between the old and the new price, taking into account how much of the billing cycle has already passed.

    When you downgrade or cancel, there's no proration or refundation entitlement.

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