Because creating docs
should be joyful

Documatt is a web application for writing and reading beautiful books and documentation. Under the covers, it's based on industry-standard tools like Sphinx and Markdown, but hides their complexity to build professional and automated documentation. It has a stunning editor with preview, powerful building, and publication tools.

Explore the main features

Learn essential Documatt features that makes it a unique tool for creating documentation, manual and books.

Distraction-free editor

Minimalistic text editor allowing you to focused writting. Autosave. Markdown and reStructuredText support.

Markdown and reStructuredText

Author content in markup syntax you like. Markdown and reStructuredText are equally supported.

Real preview

As you write, the preview aside the editor, automatically refreshes. Preview works for both Markdown and reStructuredText markup.

Start with a template

Choose from a professional books and docs examples. Templates also serve as a Documatt demonstration.

Multiple themes

The look of the book is defined by a theme. Choose from various themes with different designs.

Single click publish

Publish a book on the internet is the a literally one click away. Host book as HTML website for free.

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