Documatt is a web application

under construction
for writing and reading beautiful books and documentation. Under the covers, it's based on industry-standard tools like Sphinx and Markdown, but hides their complexity to build professional and automated documentation. It has a stunning editor with preview, powerful building, and publication tools.

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Explore The Main Features

Learn essential Documatt features that makes it a unique tool for creating documentation, manual and books.

Plain Text Editor

Minimalistic text editor allowing you to concentrate on your writting without distraction.

Autosave. Markdown and reStructuredText support.


Markdown and reStructuredText Preview

As you write, the preview aside the editor, automatically refreshes.

Preview works for both Markdown and reStructuredText markup.


Multiple Markup and Engines

Do you prefer Markdown or reStructuredText? Behind the scenes, we run the most powerful documentation engines like Sphinx.