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Sphinx Errors

List of common Sphinx, Docutils and reStructuredText warnings and errors. Each issue is well explained, illustrated by an example, and offers solution.

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Debugging Sphinx extensions

Developing extensions for Sphinx documentation projects can easily grow into a big Python project. Debugging with print() quickly becomes a no-go. Let’s have a look how to debug Sphinx extension of any size.

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Best Sphinx tips

Over the years writing documentation in Sphinx, I found I do the same tweaks in every Sphinx project’s again and again. Here are the best ones.

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CSS to remove document title from Sphinx local ToC

This week, I’m working on Documatt Sphinx Theme, a theme used for example in this blog. One of the longest postponed feature is displaying a local table of contents (ToC) in the right sidebar. By default, Sphinx displays a current document title in the local ToC, so let’s fix it.

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How to modify Sphinx theme?

Tech writers should write. Delivering documentation in a visually appealing manner is almost the same important as the content itself, however. Sphinx themes are “skins” that define look & feel of documentation when outputted to HTML format. In this post, you will learn how to customize existing or create a new theme from scratch.

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Sphinx Themes

Sphinx theme is skin that changes the appearance of HTML version of the documentation. It contains HTML templates, CSS stylesheets, and static files like images, favicon, fonts, etc.

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How to add a sitemap to the Sphinx project?

Sitemap is essential part of making your website more visible for search engines. It is usually represented by the sitemap.xml file and lists URLs of all website pages, translations of pages in alternative languages, etc. sphinx-sitemap extension can easily generate sitemap for your Sphinx documentation project.

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