reStructuredText and Sphinx Reference

Example based gentle reference of the reStructuredText and Sphinx syntax, directives, roles and common issues. It demonstrates almost all the markup making it also good for testing Sphinx themes. Free and open-source.


(aka ordered or numbered list)

  • shortened to “para” and corresponds to <p> HTML tag

  • are basic processing “units”, e.g. for translattion

  • paragraph is created by blank line

  • do long single-lined paras (easier diffs in Git)

Paragraph beginning with enumerator

If the paragraph begins with enumerator symbol (“A”, “1.”, “(b)”, etc.), the first character have to be \-escaped , otherwise it will be interpreted as the list item.

 1A) is a correct answer.
 3B) and C) are invalid.
 5.. Roman numeral "E" means arabic 5
 7E. coli is coliform bacterium.
 9.. Now, properly escaped:
11\A) is a correct answer.
13\B) and C) are invalid.
15.. Roman numeral "E" means arabic 5
17\E. coli is coliform bacterium.
  1. is a correct answer.

  2. and C) are invalid.

  1. coli is coliform bacterium.

A) is a correct answer.

B) and C) are invalid.

E. coli is coliform bacterium.

Can’t change enumeration style.

Impossible is:


The only way to mimic it is creating four paragraphs.

\1. User A tries to call or meet with user B.

2a. Teams notify the recorder which perform policy check.

2b. Recorder intrude the call, if the interaction is subject of the compliance recording.

\3. User B accept the call.

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