Terms of Use#

We at Documatt, wrote this document to explain you (“User”) what will and will not be tolerated and what will be done if the you breaches these rules. This agreement forms the basis of an enforceable legal relationship. It tells our users, what their legal responsibilities and rights are. It tells the users what will be legally required of them if they use to our Services (defined bellow).

Changes to the document
  • May 25, 2022: Initial revision

  • Sep 19, 2023: Add arbitration court section

  • Apr 20, 2024: Add billing and payment terms


To use our Services, you must agree to this document. Please note we also have Privacy Policy that you must agree too.

Disclaimer and warranty#

We limit our responsibility. We are not liable for third party content, and we don’t endorse it. We’re not responsible for mistakes and typos, or content uploaded by users which other users may find offensive.

Prohibited uses of the Services#

We can remove or delete abusive accounts and content. People who post inflammatory, abusive, or explicit content will be blocked from the Service.

You may use the Services only for lawful purposes and in accordance with these Terms of Use. You agree not to use the Site:

  • in any way that violates any applicable federal, state, local or international law or regulations.

  • collect or publish personal and sensitive information without affected party’s agreement

  • to abuse others

Reporting and resolving abuse#

If you encounter prohibited uses of the Service, we encourage you report it via our contact us page.

If case of abuse, we have the right to:

  • disclose your identity and information about you to any third party who claims that material posted by you violates their rights, including their intellectual property rights or their rights to privacy.

  • remove or modify your content, and close or delete your account for any or no reason in our sole discretion

  • take appropriate legal action, including without limitation, referral to law enforcement, for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Site

Billing and payment terms#

By using our service, you agree to the following billing and payments terms:

  • Documatt is paid service based on monthly or yearly subcription. See currently available plans details and prices.

  • For processing payments we use Comgate, an external payment gateway service. We don’t know or store payment card details.

  • The only accepted methods are credit/debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • You can upgrade/downgrade between lower/higher plans or cancel the plan.

    • When you upgrade, your payment will be prorated, so you will only pay for the difference between the old and the new price, taking into account how much of the billing cycle has already passed.

    • When you downgrade or cancel, there’s no proration or refundation entitlement.

Disputes and ambiguities#

If case of any dispute or ambiguity, the decisive influence is controlled on the Czech law and courts.

Contact us#

If you have any question about the this document, contact us. To protect your privacy and security, we may require to verify your identity.